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Photos by : Robin Marshman, Steven Whittingstall, Toby Robinson

Jim’s travels continues with a trip to the Hellingly Rally 25 August 2013.

Sam & I took the DG6 to Hellingly on Bank Holiday Sunday in order to man the Sussex Steam Engine Club stall.

Despite the mud, the wagon went in perfectly in four-wheel drive. We parked up & left it for the day. After we re-lit to go home and without any further rain I thought it would be a simple matter to reverse out pulling the front wheels over the mud. After all I'd seen Peter Haining bombing around in Jupiter without any problems. Instead the bogie dug in & we ended up having to be towed out. Most undignified.

Once on the road again it went really well with a moving average of 18.7mph for the 17.6 miles back up the A22 with a maximum speed of 26.2mph. I'm really impressed with the original 1930 Sentinel steam powered Sat-Nav.

On 6th October my new Rotary Global Scholar, Alexandra Dawley from VancouverIsland, Canada, had her first experience of steaming.

She & I took the Waggon to Isfield Station for their autumn gathering. Theyhad the two Port of Par Bagnall locomotives visiting. Clive Groome teaches engine driving there & I include a photo of him with Alexandra and Steve Fogden, a Lavender Line driver. Clive is pretty versatile. Last year he was speaking Gujarati to my firegirl, Indian Government Scholar Shital Badwaik.

Alex did really well & we steamed perfectly both ways, helped no end by the superb new regulator valve sent the week before by Grant Goold. Even thefoot release works properly now. Brilliant!   

Regards, JIM.

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