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Photos by : Robin Marshman, Steven Whittingstall, Toby Robinson


 Members Story’s -  Jim Hatfield - Part one

Jim’s travels start with a trip to Denmark.

The first batch of photos are from our trip to two rallies in Denmark with the Sentinel in May. We were invited there by Roger Mortimore who offered to low-load the waggon. He did brilliantly and it was a huge success.

These are of our road run from the rally at Graested in Zealand up to the fishing port of Gilleleje after a pause at the railway station. We were in

company with Phil Retman and his Foden as well as Duncan Pierce & the familyFowler & Bob Watts & Zena Porsch as well as Roger & Margaret Mortimore.

Graested Rally is amazing. It had a gate of about 24,000 & is nicely run in the old style without the British obsession for extreme health & safety. The Danes seem to take the view that once you are aware of the rules it is your lookout if you ignore them. For example, they run preserved locomotives on the public railway between the timetabled trains. The Graested website has some good snaps of the waggon ( ).


Part two Maribo Rally, click here