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Members Story’s -  Jim Hatfield

Jim Hafield’s Adventures.

Jim has kindly sent photos and articles from his trips this year.  

Please return to this website for more updates over the next few weeks.

Below are a few items to download.

Firstly there is a French report from ‘La Vie de l’auto’ on the Denis Papin Tricentenary celebrations on 19th to 21st July. We took the DG6 & had a brilliant road run from the village of Chitenay, where Papin was born, to the castle at the top of Blois overlooking the Loire. The run included Jan & Margaret Brinksma, two other Stanleys and three Whites. The Trevithick Society were at Chitenay in force with their replica Puffing Devil & also there was the replica Cunot gun tractor. As you can see Terry Maynard took Burrell Nº 1.  Download  here


Secondly, a German article by Till Schauen about the Waggon from his visit last year. This one is in the August British Classics, a German magazine by & for enthusiasts. As their article shows, I took them up to Horsed Keynes Station.  Download here

Jim Hafields Adventures.

 Part Two

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Members Story's Jim Hatfield Part One

Jim Hafields Adventures.

Part One

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Jim Hafields Adventures.

 Part Three

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Jim Hafields Adventures.

 Part Four

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